02/16/2019 - v1.1.0a

  • Modified the TOC generator based on CalculusChild's modification:
  • Style modifications to add 'example', correct 'notes' and fix some -margin issues
  • Added new favicon, temporary
  • Changed URLS, next version will have a breaking model as we start storing UID in the object and rewrite the 'personal page' in the new backend.
  • Modified Welcome text to be more appropriate
  • Added quick-color snippets menu bar and options for adding custom styling
  • Added styles: Beastiarial, Companionesque, Roselike to add additional color schemes
  • [note]: Changes for the share shop will not be added to this application, this will remain as-is with additional functionality added outside.

    02/03/2019 - v1.0.0a

  • Cloned from


  • Re-referenced all PHB to AGE.
  • Modified the table styling to correspond with AGE styling.
  • Changed background and colors to match AGE styling
  • Made less @ variables more sane for headers
  • Modified the monster stat block to look like an AGE stat blcok


  • [breaking] Switched from mongoose to dynamoose, dynamoDb support
  • [breaking] Modified the homebrew model to add global secondary index
  • [breaking] Changed homebrew.text to 'B' (buffer) data type
  • [breaking] Modified the save/get functions to compress/decompress with LZUTF8


  • Created .env and .env.example files to keep AWS credentials out of git


  • Upgraded packages cryptiles and deepextend for sevfix
  • Added dynamoose package
  • Added dotenv package
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